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Healthy Hotel Breakfast Belfast

Vitality Breakfast

Upon arrival, you will be seated and offered your preferred drink of tea or coffee before exploring the different buffet stations around the restaurant. The choices are diverse and offer something delightful to match either your diet or appetite.

For those aiming for a healthier lifestyle, try our own recipe muesli with energy boosting ingredients like oats, grains, dried fruits and nuts. Worried about calories? The Vitality Breakfast features a 287-calorie granola pot and 63-calorie Powershot. The granola pot contains cholesterol-lowering and energy-giving granola with natural yoghurt, mixed with anti-oxidant berries. The Powershot contains a mixture of wholesome ingredients of fresh fruits combined with superfoods like beetroot and ginger.

This nourishing breakfast combo, with less than 400 calories, is a great way to start your day. It fuels your energy and makes you feel full longer without packing in the calories. Absolutely a delicious and easy way to keep your weight in check!

Moving around the breakfast area, you will be drawn by the smell of freshly-baked bread, slathered with high fruit content jams and marmalade, enough to whet your appetite even more. For a more savoury flavour, head to the cold meat section for some slices of salami, chorizo and assorted cheeses on top of your crusty, fresh bread. For a refreshing drink, try the detox water and energy shots made from a blend of fresh superfoods to give you that healthy energy boost.

If you are concerned about food allergies, don’t worry as there is a separate gluten-free section and alternatives available. Don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff who will be happy to suggest appropriate choices to meet your dietary needs. If you want to fill up and prefer to have a heavier breakfast, you can always enjoy their traditional Irish breakfast at the hot buffet section. There is definitely something for everyone!

Download a complete list of breakfast items

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