Belfast Giants

We are the proud sponsors of the Belfast Giants who are well into their 21st season of professional ice hockey here in Northern Ireland. The Belfast Giants are part of the Odyssey family and call the SSE Arena home. They have brought high energy ice hockey to millions of fans over the last 21 years.   The team and club has relaunched a new brand and kit for the 21/22 season. After being off the ice for 18 months, they are excited to make up for lost time. We are the current preferred hotel supplier to the Giants’ team and their fans.

Home Game Fixtures

10th October 2021     Fife Flyers                      Face off: 4.00pm

24th October 2021     Dundee Stars                 Face off: 4.00pm

30th October 2021     Fife Flyers                      Face off: 7.00pm

7th November 2021   Glasgow Clan                 Face off: 4.00pm

20th November 2021    Manchester Storm         Face off:   7.00pm

21st November 2021   Manchester Storm         Face off: 4.00pm

28th November 2021   Dundee Stars                Face off: 4.00pm

11th December 2021    Fife Flyers                    Face off: 7.00pm

12th December 2021    Nottingham Panthers   Face off: 4.00pm

17th December 2021   Sheffield Steelers          Face off: 7.00pm

18th December 2021    Sheffield Steelers         Face off: 7.00pm

22nd December 2021   Guilford Flames           Face off: 7.00pm

26th December 2021    Glasglow Clan             Face off: 4.00pm

27th December 2021    Glasgow Clan              Face off: 6.00pm

31st December 2021    Dundee Stars              Face off: 4.00pm

7th January 2022         Conventry Blaze          Face off: 7.00pm

14th January 2022       Cardiff Devils               Face off: 7.00pm

29th January 2022       Conventry Blaze          Face off: 7.00pm

30th January 2022       Conventry Blaze          Face off: 4.00pm

4th February 2022       Cardfiff Devils              Face off: 7.00pm

5th February 2022       Cardiff Devils               Face off: 7.00pm

19th February 2022     Fife Flyers                    Face off: 7.00pm

27th February 2022     Manchester Storm       Face off: 4.00pm

4th March 2022           Guilford Flames            Face off: 7.00pm

5th March 2022           Guildford Flames          Face off: 7.00pm

19th March 2022         Dundee Stars                Face off: 7.00pm

25th March 2022          Notthingham Panthers  Face off: 7.00pm

26th March 2022         Nottingham Panthers     Face off: 7.00pm

1st April 2022             Glasgow Clan                 Face off: 7.00pm

3rd April 2022             Fife Flyers                      Face off: 4.00pm


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