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Hotel Near Game of Thrones Tour


Northern Ireland is enjoying the spotlight, thanks to the success of Game of Thrones. Since the show started, more than a million tourists has flocked the country to see its rugged and wild landscape. Many of the actors in the series were born and raised in Northern Ireland and returned to play the leading roles in the series. Experience these enchanting sites and feel part of this medieval fantasy epic.

Many of the scenes are in the North Coast and some around Newcastle, County Down. There are many day trips organised by tour companies but if you prefer to do the trip at your own pace, renting a car is also a good option.

Guided tour usually leaves around 9:00am from Belfast and returns at approximately 6:00pm. A coach tour costs around £35 per person and covers the following areas:

  • Causeway Coastal Route including drive through Ballycastle, home to the real Lady Catelyn Stark and Varys
  • Cushendun Caves – scene where Melisandre birthed the shadow assassin
  • Dark Hedges – known as the King’s Road
  • Ballintoy Harbour – spot where Theon was baptised as his sister Yara looked on
  • Larrybane – dramatic spot chosen for Renly Baratheon’s camp in Season 2
  • Giant’s Causeway – although not used as a film location, this UNESCO World Heritage Site should not be missed. On its own, this unique formation is surrounded by myth and a charming folklore where it was once told that the giant, Finn McCool, carved the stones himself.

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